Predator Fart Vision

May 16, 2012 |  by 900Bats  |  Alexander Tarrant, Funny, Videos

This is a video for a museum where Predator is hunting the people but they keep farting.

Then Carl Weathers gets yelled at, and it sort of sounds like he is talking about the farts that just happened.

Alexander Tarrant, Wang Newton

Edison – A Cure for the Case of the Wealthies

April 27, 2012 |  by 900Bats  |  Alexander Tarrant, Edison, Music, Videos

You have been invited to HAPPY HOUR LEGENDS by STEVE_PERSONAL do you accept?

Thank you for viewing this very special 900Bats Video Premiere! This video was Directed by Wang Newton, with Alexander Tarrant coming on board as the Equipment Manager.

The rats are: Mike Cichon, Edison P. Nasty, Lucien Shapiro, Justin Metros, Alexander Tarrant, Maggie Boom, and Anon Day.

That shit’s a metaphor!

Click here to purchase the “KILL SWITCH” Split LP (one side Edison P Nasty, one side Lazerbeak)
at Fieldwerk records.

Goodbye Beasts

March 15, 2012 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Edison, Lucien Shapiro, Videos

Lucien Shapiro brings us the making of a large beast head. Beat by Edison

A few words from Lucien:
“A few years ago I was asked to be in a show called Beasts, of course I decided to build the largest sculpture I have ever embarked upon. Smart people would have carved the entire thing out of foam. But I wanted to prove how strong me and my friends were and installing it took about 10 people. This video is in my old studio, a process that took over 50 hours knocked down to a little over 3 minutes. Thanks to Edison for the music and Henry Kim for the quick edit. He is the beast, he is sexy not scary, he is smiling not sneering, and he is my pal. The fur is your friend. Burritos over tacos, unless they are fish tacos then its pretty much a tie, unless they are really good fish tacos.”

tldr: beasts are heavy, sexy not scary, fish tacos are delicious.

Check out more of Lucien’s sculpture HERE.

Chambers on Puppetry – clip 1A

November 14, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Greg Chambers, Puppetry, Videos

We have, for you, a special treat.

A series of unreleased preview clips of the upcoming film / documentary / coffee table book “CHAMBERS on puppetry”. This is the first clip.

Greg Chambers is an emotional puppeteer (among other things (he is a renaissance man)). When you are producing puppet related content, and you need a specific emotion, he is the guy you call.

email for info.

Interview by Aesop Rock.

Tthhee Ttiimmee Ooff Mmyy Lliiffee

September 28, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Videos

Universal Studios Hollywood, best enjoyed in slow motion by adults.

Riff of the Ages w/ F. Sean Martin – Ep13

September 22, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Riff of the Ages, Videos

The thirteenth episode of this thrilling new series is here!

Air guitar will be overruled in this Oscar contender.

Created by Aesop Rock, Alexander Tarrant, and Justin Metros.

Brass City Tattoo, F. Sean Presents

Beats on the Street – Ep03

September 22, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Beats on the Street, Edison, Videos

The beet is a plant in the Chenopodiaceae family, which is now included in Amaranthaceae family.

This is Edison. His Beets are cultivated most commonly in the US, but lately have been spotted in Amsterdam, and various other places around the world.

Directed by Colin Sebestyen and Justin Metros.

Sonic Vs Petersen: Battle Bean Burrito

September 19, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Clyde Peterson, Documentary, Fitness, Food, Videos

Rob Sonic and Clyde Peterson go head-to-head in what proves to be a Foosball match for the ages.

When asked about his victory, Petersen had this to say – “We’re fucking and drinking blood.”

Sonic refused to comment.

Captured on film by DJ Big Wiz. Music is Hail Mary Mallon Plagues and Bacon instrumental.

Rob is here and here.

Clyde is here and here.

Riff of the Ages w/ F. Sean Martin – Ep12

The twelfth episode of this thrilling new series is here!

Boy howdy, Italians are kick-ass storytellers. They also are hot models and are way into shoes. A recipe for a disastrous bout with love pain.

Did you ever want to tell a girl something, but you thought of every excuse not to? “Oh she is busy with her shoes, I will not bother her.”

Tell her. Tell her everything. la vita è breve

Created by Aesop Rock, Alexander Tarrant, and Justin Metros.

Brass City Tattoo, F. Sean Presents

Radical Moments in Skateboarding w/ Kid Yellow ep01

August 18, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Activity, Fitness, Radical Moments, Training, Videos

SF based photographer and artist Kid Yellow will be regularly supplying new programming to 900bats in the form of “Radical Moments in Skateboarding w/ Kid Yellow”.

First episode features Preston Harper on the shred sled – front noseslide w/ bigspin garnish. We approve.

In addition, to celebrate this fantastic new series, we would like for you to listen to this song many times in a row – BANG!

Learn more about Kid Yellow on his site HERE.