Riff of the Ages w/ F. Sean Martin – Ep11

May 3, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Food, Music, Riff of the Ages, Science, Videos

The eleventh episode of this thrilling new series is here! It was May 3rd 2011 and we made a microwaved sandwich at 900Bats HQ.

More information on sandwiches, and microwaves.

Created by Aesop Rock, Alexander Tarrant, and Justin Metros.

Brass City Tattoo, F. Sean Presents

Hail Mary Mallon: AYGET? Digital Album Release live UStream show

May 3, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Food, Hail Mary Mallon, Music, Scat, Videos

Here is a recording of the Mallon Boys eating nachos for 2 hours and talking about their new album.

Buy the deluxe edition on iTunes!

According to Jason Bickford of iTunes:

“Buy a case of cough suyrup, bubblewrap, and some Viking helmets, invite some friends some over and put those foam things on the corners of the furniture. Videotape that sh!t, homie- you already got the soundtrack!”

(four stars out of five)

Which Way Is Up?

Which Way Is Up?

April 18, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Music

Download Atmosphere feat. Aesop Rock – Which Way Is Up? MP3 FREE

This track was featured on the Rhymesayers Entertainment Record Store Day vinyl picture disk. Rumor has it there will be a limited amount of manufacturer overruns available soon at the Fifth Element Online store.

Listen here –

Download FREE here –

Get info on Atmosphere’s new LP The Family Sign HERE. Follow them on twitter HERE.

Stay rowdy, folks.

Knight Fever (2001) – Digitally Remastered!

April 7, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Documentary, Music, Videos

Patricia Maciel loves Jordan Knight, as evidenced by this 19 minute interview and Smithsonian-worthy merchandise collection.

Rumors began circulating in mid 2009 of a digitally remastered version of Knight Fever (2001) Directed by Jaime Borschuk. The day has finally come. No expense was spared and this new completely digital version was captured directly from the original VHS tape.

Come see Jaime and The Matinees with a backing band of friends perform their new album “All These Days” at the LP release show Friday, April 8th 7pm at Amnesia!

Edison - All Full of Static, And Juice.

Edison – All Full of Static, And Juice.

March 29, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Music

Free beat from the homie Edison to stream, download, and rock out to hairbrush-in-mirror style.

This one is called All Full of Static, and Juice.

Listen Here –

Download FREE Here –

Fuck yeah.

Also be sure to check out Edison’s new album People Are Bad Animals over at kidwithoutradio.com

Dirty Ghosts - Shout It In (Aesop Rock Remix)

Dirty Ghosts – Shout It In (Aesop Rock Remix)

March 28, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Music

Aesop Rock remixes and rhymes on Dirty Ghosts track Shout It In.

Listen Here –

You can pickup the Shout It In 7″ HERE, buy the MP3 HERE, and keep up with all things Dirty Ghosts HERE!

Free Beat from Blockhead - Stop Cryin', Yo!

Free Beat from Blockhead – Stop Cryin’, Yo!

March 25, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Music

Stream and download a FREE beat from NY producer/floppy disk enthusiast Blockhead. Stop Cryin’, Yo!

Words from the man himself – “I have this old beat I was gonna try to mix in with my newer album shit, but it’s so old the disks were corrupted (SHOCKING!). Here it is…”

Listen here -

Download here -

His loss is your gain. We love Blockhead.

You can check out his blog here, and follow him Twitter here.

Kimya Dawson - Walk Like Thunder FREE MP3

Kimya Dawson – Walk Like Thunder FREE MP3

March 23, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  Kimya Dawson, Music

Kimya Dawson’s Walk Like Thunder from her forthcoming solo LP Thunder Thighs available to stream and DL for FREE!

Listen here…

Download for FREE here…

Learn about Walk Like Thunder here…

    Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
    Andrew Dorsett- piano
    Jack Dishel- guitar
    Nikolai Fraiture- bass
    Angelo Spencer- guitar
    Ben Kapp- drums, percussion
    Clyde Petersen- amp shaking, thunder making
    Additional vocals- Aesop Rock, John Darnielle, Quinn Tuffinuff

    Recorded and mixed by Jason Carmer
    Written by Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock

Follow Kimya on Twitter, Tumblr, and Live Journal for updates on shows and new music.

Free Hook and 12-inch Art for Aspiring Musicians

Free Hook and 12-inch Art for Aspiring Musicians

March 18, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Art, Music

Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish have joined forces in an effort to assist aspiring musicians with their first release.

Here you will find a FREE hook penned by Aesop Rock using subject matter submitted by actual humans. In addition, Jeremy Fish has offered a nice starting point should you need some eye-catching artwork to really make your new single jump off the shelves!

Today’s subject: Pet Rock

“I had a pet rock on my desk in my room, it grew 2 fat legs and walked out like ‘fuck you’. dammmnnnn cold.” (repeat “cold” x4)

Keep your noses clean, kids!

Jeremy Fish, Aesop Rock

SXSW Preview

SXSW Preview

March 11, 2011 |  by 900Bats  |  900bats, Funny, Music, Science

Toronto laugh crafter Nick Flanagan offer a little top-of-the-festival insight for all you SXSW goers!

Are you in Austin? If so, the locals want to hit you. They won’t though, because you are filling their pockets with what the Italians refer to as ‘Lira’.

Some rules for SXSW:

Use the ATMs sprinkled along 6th street. The high surcharges will make sure you are hungry, sober and therefore alert.

Rule #2:

Try anything with word ‘BBQ’ in it, even if it’s an actual barbeque.It’ll be a great and authentic experience no matter how you slice it! Also, be sure to check out any event that has sponsors, because where there are sponsors there are mailing lists, and where there’s mailing lists, there’s mail, and getting mailed is what keeps us human.

Tip #3:

Here are some bands you ‘yeah-bsolutely’ cannot afford to spend money missing at the South By Southwestern Sandwich Grill & Musical Conference Festival: Africanaut, Sporkscaster, BRKNSTKS, Gloomy Gust, Howard The Fuck, Actorz, Deedletwee, Burt Told Brett, Stip Cub, Mister MC Pringle & The DJ Sound Twins, Pour Man’s Urine, Junkie Martling, Broom Handle Justice, Biberals, Television Savants, Funnicula, The Indian & The Cuntboard, Ghost Romp, Cunt To Ten Slowly, Crib Deaf, This Blows, Skkkinny, Sea Of Men, Ladyfart, Babia, Zoo Smell, Farm Of One, Fireman Policeman, Quemical, Vviolins, and Lady Sovereign.

Happy hunting, dickwobbles!

Follow Nick Flanagan on Twitter