A Rare and Sensual Gem

A Rare and Sensual Gem

September 13, 2010 |  by 900Bats  |  Music

Unearthed collaboration from Kimya Dawson, The Pharmacy, and El Paso Hot Button promises a sexy listen!

In Kimya’s own words –

“Here is a song written in 2004 by me, The Pharmacy, and El Paso Hot Button. It was written and recorded one steamy night on tour and then somehow I never got a copy and completely forgot about it UNTIL the guy working the beer garden at the SLAYER/MEGADETH/TESTAMENT show the other night mentioned that his girlfriend had a bootleg copy of my dirtiest song ever. I mentioned the incident on Facebook and a couple of my friends knew what he was talking about and emailed me a copy. It may not be my dirtiest song EVER, I think The Moldy Peaches single Rainbows is dirtier, but it is definitely a hot, dirty, unreleased jam and you should share it with your friends so my falsetto can tickle their loins.”

Share this one with your lover. And the world.

Kimya Dawson, El Paso Hot Button, The Pharmacy

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